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Meet our team of dedicated people who have come together to help you get the best service.

We offer our unique qualifications, knowledge, experience and commitment to turn your ideas into reality. We aspire to provide you with best services so that you can relax and keep your peace of mind.

Paweł Otulakowski

President of the Board

He has been working for the company since 2013. Concrete, businesslike and effective leader who is in charge of sales and company’s development. His biggest passion, aside from his job ;), cycling, playing squash and arranging amazing travels, is coffee – he has been developing in this area as an expert in alternative coffee brewing methods.

Anna Rząsa

Director of Logistics

In the company from the beginning of 2013. The warehouse is her place where everything is in order and has its own place. She dispenses products, arranges shipments and is in charge of timely deliveries to our customers. She is an always smiling mother of three wonderful children and a wife of a husband with extraordinary sense of humour. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and keeps balance commuting by bike.

Anna Lubelska

Logistic and sales Specialist

The second Ania in the team and the right hand of Ania no.1. Responsible for transport and sales. He has been playing sports for as long as he can remember. Currently, she rides a bike and goes to the gym, and recently she even liked running. She loves spending time actively and planning new travel destinations. She is a passionate pet sitter and the owner of 16-year-old Jessie – a West Highland White Terrier.

Maciej Marek

Sales Specialist

Responsible for expanding the business partner portfolio. Focused on customer needs and supporting the development of their business projects. He loves meeting new people. Privately, he is a happy husband and young father. In his free time, he discovers interesting parts of Poland and the world, mainly Southeast Asia.

Aleksandra Pampuch

Board Assistant

The youngest piece of our team puzzle. Effective and positive in her actions, she takes care of every aspect of the office. He translates his creative approach into running social media and a website. A fan of Asian cuisine, board games and long walks with her beloved pet Lilu.