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Consumers more and more often pay attention to ingredients of cosmetics. They choose products which do not contain too much additives and preservatives, are as natural as possible and durable at the same time. In order to provide such cosmetics to the customers it is enough to change the type of their packaging. It sounds unbelievable, however, thanks to innovative packagings of airless type each producer can prolong duarbility of properties of cosmetics without increasing the amount of additives and preservatives used.
We know very well that the way of a cosmetic to the customer’s home is not short. Before it reaches the consumer it is transported, stored in a warehouse, kept on a shop or pharmacy shelf. The „operation time” may lead to negative consequences especially in the case of natural cosmetics of which expiry date is much shorter. That is why it is important for the packaging to protect the content not only from the moment the customer buys our product, but for all the period of its use until the very last drop. An airless packaging is the best option for such purposes.

What is airless packaging and how does it work?

Airlesses are packagings designed the way they limit an access of the air to the cosmetic inside. Its mechanism is based on the piston placed inside the packaging which is suced when the pump is pressed. Hence, it evenly moves the mass of the cosmetic upward and at the same time pushes the air out.

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There are a few reasons! Thanks to limited access of the air to the packaging both durability and its properties are enhanced. Contrary to creams in jars, the product is continuously tightly closed and its dosing is hygienic. It stops microorganism on the hands of the user from getting inside which increases effectiveness of the cosmetic and active substances contained in it. Additionally, the piston, which consitutes the core of the mechanism of airless pckagings ensures 100% usage of the cosmetic. It is particularly important for consumers which seek not only ecological, but also econimical solutions. Last but not least, packagings are not transparent which provides additional protection to the product against the sunlight.

Why airless solutions are suitable for me?

These innovative packagings are not only a perfect protection for cosmetics. They also provide a lot of options for the design of the packaging. The airless container is a great advertising medium as well. Airless packagings are available in full variety of colors, different forms with an option to print own logo on them. They can be used for different types of cosmetics and be diversified depending on the brand or customer profile who they are target at.